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What's up , family. My name Ron. I draw a comic series called GG. It has moved from comic book to a comic video. So , far I have spent my cash on all of the production up to this point with limited monetary support . Unfortunately , production takes a lot of time . Therefore , costs climb because you know as well as I do ...Time is money. I want to make GG better....period !But , I can't without monetary support. This is where Patreon is so cool ! Your support on Patreon and/or on will allow me the time , resources and equipment to take GG to animation. In turn . I will show you all the latest stuff with GG and some cool old GG stuff , too. I want GG to be the first of many projects to come out of my studio. I am giving this all I got. Now, I need you and your green. Thank you for all you do!