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Film Review: T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown

T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown - Official Movie Trailer:

Reggie Haynes has created another film featuring himself portraying four identical brothers, you know who I’m talking about:

  • Comedic - The funny comedian of the group

  • Reggie - The oldest brother and the mentor

  • YR - The internationally known entertainer who resembles Reggie Haynes the most

  • Legacy - A noble super human who seems to be unstoppable

Image of Reggie Haynes as Legacy in The House of Reggie’s Season 3

The movie picks up where Season 3 of “The House of Reggie’s Tv Show” left off where an evil politician(played by Isha Margry) seeks revenge on YR and his brothers by summoning an evil clown(played by Devane Boyd).

Devane Boyd as Killer Clown

As I won’t spoil who wins or loses the battle between the main characters and the Killer Clown I will state that this film does open the door for future storylines pertaining to the brothers and new characters.

Isha Margry plays the lead villain in The House of Reggie’s Season 3

New Faces:

Let’s talk about the first time appearances in the film. First we have what appears to be YR’s love interest(played by Cristal Cole). We first see her in the season finale of The House of Reggie’s Tv Show Season 3 giving YR motivation. In the film it is clear that the couple have had dark days in their past and are looking to rekindle things in this Action Thriller Film. For those who may remember, In Season 2 YR is shown speaking to someone on the phone during his run-away-sequence with the cops, I assume that Ella, YR’s love interest, was the person he was talking to at that time. The chemistry between Cristal and Reggie was awesome from what I saw, even with them both having small screen time together. Rumor has it that Ella will be returning in The House of Reggie’s franchise.

Cristal Cole as Ella in T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown

Next we jump to two new super humans that go by “The Orphans”. These two super hero’s(played by Oluwaseyi Adeyanju and Darshay Rowe) seem to be watchful guardians of YR which makes sense once they team up with Legacy during the film to take on Killer Clown and his henchmen. The two new super hero’s are the first that we have seen in this franchise aside from Legacy and their action packed sequences were the highlight of the film in my honest opinion. The Orphans final scene was heartwarming but does give a hint that they may return in the future, and I for one look forward to seeing that. I mean who wouldn’t want to see two young female super hero’s, one who has web slinging abilities and the other who has super speed fighting crime while managing being a teenager?

Oluwaseyi and Darshay as The Orphans in T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown

That takes care of the new faces in the “T.H.O.R” or “The House of Reggie’s” franchise, now let’s talk about the film overall. Without giving away any spoilers I will say that this film explores a deep rooted problem within the Reggie Brothers, truth. We witness that the lead villain presents a hidden truth that separates all of the brothers even though their vow is to stay together no matter what. We do however see union-ship within The Orphans after battling evil henchmen and an evil clown, but the truth that was exposed amongst the Reggie Brothers hits harder than any punch from any super villain that’s a part of the T.H.O.R Franchise. The other sign of truth displayed in this film was the “Truth of a Hero”. I’m talking about Legacy. Even though Legacy’s Brothers we’re manipulated by the Killer Clown and even though the “Now-Well-Known-Hero” had more important things to do, he pushed all of those divisor’s to the side in order to save his family, the people of London, and his new super friends.

Overall I give the film 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for it’s in-depth cinematography, action-packed scenes, and continuity from Season 3 leading into T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown, oh and let’s not forget to mention the superb acting from the entire cast seeing that this is the first time Reggie has worked with different cast members since 2018. The chemistry between everyone was believable and driven in a way that led you as a viewer to want to see more.

Rumor has it that Reggie’s next film “T.H.O.R vs The Purge” will be a feature film(more than an hour and twenty minutes long) instead of his standard short film time frame(thirty to forty-five minutes long). This will be the first ever in T.H.O.R Franchise history and with a promising cast and the possibility of seeing new villains emerge, this can shape up to be the best film/project that the RHTV Network has produced yet.

Review Ratings Overall(0-5 Star Scale)

  • Acting: 4.2

  • Writing/Storyline: 4.5

  • Cinematography: 3.8

  • Season 3(Overal): 4.6

  • Character Development(Main Cast): 4.2

  • Villain-Evil Rating: 4.2

  • Overall: 4.5

Article Written by

Kevin Tulet - Member of YRPBlogs

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