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Review: The House of Reggie’s Phase 3

Our favourite quadruplets are back for another fantastic season of:

The House of Reggie’s Tv Show Season 3 & the film that follows directly after,

T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown.

Devane Boyd plays “Killer Clown“ in T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown

Let’s have a recap of the brothers:

We have YR – the world-renowned entertainer, from the outside looking in you would say that he has it all? But does he really? With all that has happened to him and his family something has sparked within him as he seeks to expose the truth about the industry that he is so heavily entrenched in. With a newly lit fire in his belly YR is the voice of a new generation, a burgeoning revolution, and it seems that this one will be televised.

Reggie Haynes plays the role of YR in The House Of Reggie’s Season 3.

Meghan Adjei is also featured in the series along with the lead villain being portrayed by Isha Margry.

Then there’s “Mr. Radio“ himself Reggie. Reggie had the best radio show in Houston, listeners would join him to hear his thoughts on various topics that impact society. Now forced to move to the UK for his own safety, he is in the position where he must start again. Building a fanbase from scratch is no easy feat…but this is Reggie that we’re talking about! A landmark episode where he talks about mental health goes to show exactly why he had the most popular radio show in Houston and why he’ll probably take over the airwaves in the UK.

Reggie is haunted by his past in The House of Reggie’s Season 3.

Let’s talk about Comedic, he was a big name for himself out in Houston, perhaps it would be fair to say that he was the Beyonce of comedy. However, the situation changed, and he has found himself swimming in a brand-new pond. He’s in a position where he has to learn to swim again. Maybe, the fish analogies are enough but I’m sure you get the point. He feels out of his depth and is doubting his abilities as a comedian, he can’t seem to push through the same way that his brothers can. So, we’re all left wondering is Comedic going to lay down the mic…for good?

A shot from the Thriller/Horror Film T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown.

Last but by not least…Legacy, he is literally carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, all the while trying to live up to the expectations that his mother had. We watch him as he navigates through different dimensions all the while dealing with being separated from his brothers.

Legacy(Reggie Hayne), Malkia(Oluwaseyi Adeyanj), Killer Clown are featured in major roles of the Hit-Film:

T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown

This season though action packed seems quite sombre as well as serious issues are being tackled. One of which being mental health – it was interesting to see a take on this as it is a topic that is often overlooked, especially within the black/African community and so many are suffering in needless silence.

We delve into the illusion of power that governments have and how that power makes us, the people weak and docile. Queen Kwaad the UK Leader is a representation of all governments across the world only doing what’s in her best interest and the interest of people similar to her. So, YR and his revolutionary mind pose a threat to her self-serving plans.

What touched me the most, was Comedic and his battle with what is so obviously Imposter Syndrome (constantly doubting yourself and abilities). I feel as though that there may be viewers can relate. Can I do this? Will I succeed? Am I good enough? All this doubts loop around until eventually you give up. Imposter Syndrome is something that’s tough to overcome and I really hope that Comedic overcomes it in the next season.

To anyone reading this right now, I assure you can do whatever you’ve set your mind to. You can do it and succeed.

If you ever need someone to talk to, please remember that you are not alone and there are people that are always willing to just listen – because sometimes that’s all we need.

Please call the Samaritans on 116 123 (The UK)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline a1-800-273-8255(The USA)

Article Written by

Michelle Yeboah

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