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RHTV Network Exclusive W/ Cristal Cole

Q: Cristal Cole, you are portraying the love interest of The House of Reggie’s Tv Show’s lead character “YR”, it is said that your characters storyline will lead into your own television show. Is this true?

A: Yes it will be leading into a new show called ‘The Seeing’. We meet Ella through The House of Reggie’s Tv Show but her story grows with its own twists and turns, lots of new characters and inevitably a villain Ella will have to face off against.

Q: What all can you tell us about this character without giving away too much of the story line?

A: Ella is a social worker who awakens into a psychically power which she calls ‘the seeing‘. In fact, her power is to see peoples truth, whether is be evil or not. She tries to help people but with all new powers, ew threats arise. The writing is amazing and written by Reggie Haynes. I won’t tell you too much other than, watch it!

Cristal Cole in T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown
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