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RHTV Network Exclusive W/ Isha Margry

Isha Margry, you are playing the role of the lead villain in “Season 3’s - The House of Reggie’s Tv Show”.

1:What was it like taking on this role?

  • I always wanted to play the role of a villain but until now I never had the opportunity. When I received an email from Reggie telling me that I got the part, I was so excited to be part of “Season 3’s - The House of Reggie’s TV show. Thank you Reggie for believing in me and the opportunity to play Queen Kwaad.

2: What was your preparation for this character?

  • When I read the script, I had an idea what Queen Kwaad would be like, what would she wear, her body language and how she would speak which helped me play the character. I also did research about female villains, politicians and watched debates to help me justify Queen Kwaad’s character.

3: What can we expect from your character, “The New Villain on the Block”, without giving away too much of the story line?

  • Queen Kwaad is a very ambitious, clever, dangerous Villain and politician, she knows how to manipulate people to get what she wants. When I tell people that I am playing the lead Villain, they all say, you are so smiley and lovely I can’t see you play a villain charactor” I just hope I did justice to get Queen Kwaad.

Isha Margry in The House of Reggie’s Season 3

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