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T.H.O.R Season 3 Trailer Review

After an action-packed Season 2 of T.H.O.R vs Killer Clown fans of have been hanging off the edge of their seats with a thousand questions falling from their lips.

We have finally been given what we have all been waiting for: The trailer for the much-awaited Season 3 of and it’s everything you could imagine it and more. Let’s talk about the opening that showcases beautiful shots of the city as the voice of disgraced UK Leader sends chilling threats to YR and his brothers are, knowing the lows she has stooped to before, we can only imagine devious tricks she has up her sleeves. This season teases that YR id going to be facing demons that he didn’t even know he had. Y.R is going to be facing the man in the mirror and questioning if he likes what he sees. More than his family is on the line. We all know that family means everything to him, when everything is taken from you, you don’t have a whole lot to lose. I am excited to see just how far YR is willing to go? Will he lose himself along the way? Has he lived long enough to become the villain?

T.H.O.R Season 3 Trailer:

The final seconds have the trailer features the disgraced UK Leader, Queen Kaawd asking ‘Why are you here?’

Well, me personally I’m here to find out if YR saves hisbrothers and maybe even the world. I know the rest of you are dying to find out with me.

Article Written By:

Michelle Yeboah

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