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Reggie Haynes



Reggie Haynes is an African American actor, director, producer and former American football player (Born 30th December 1992 to Houston Texas). He is known for creating the RHTV television network.


Early life 

Reggie was born Wednesday December 30th 1992 to writer and business owner Leah Haynes and father Mike McCoy. 

Reggie recalls playing with his action figures and creating elaborate movie and television productions. These childhood productions would become useful to him later in life as he created The House of Reggie series among other productions. 

Reggie’s memories of his family transport him to weekend gatherings filled with laughter and joy where barbeque was always the food of choice. 

Of his parents he affectionately speaks of them as phenomenal beings in a world that tried to blind them from seeing how truly great they were. 

Reggie’s mother had a great impact on his life, her discipline shaped him while growing up in Texas. He recollects that she ensured that he was always placed around individuals who would have a continuous positive impact on him 0nly further shaping the man that he is today. 



Reggie gained a BA in Communications from Bacone College a small school in Oklahoma 


Football Career 

Reggie’s abilities extend far beyond writing and producing. Once upon a time he was an avid football player. His obvious talents did not go unnoticed as he went on to play for the NFL Houston Texans.

College: University of Mary

Position: Quarterback and Receiver


College: Bacone
Position: Quarterback


Professional/NFL: Houston Texans
Position: Practice Squad



His football days taught him a lot but not in the best way. He believes that the positives garnered were being able to keep physically fit. He learned resilience and the powerful ability to understand that a person’s inability to believe in who you are and what you do has no bearing on what your capabilities are.


Personal Life

Reggie moved to London from Houston October 1st, 2020. Many would question why he would leave the land of dreams of opportunity for the British Isles. 

He stated that the unrest in the United States had become too much to bear. The United States and it’s American dream is nothing but a façade and it’s keeping it citizen complacent. Though the United Kingdom may have it issues it is by far the lesser evil


Reggie reflects on being a lost cause but found a strong sense of identity when he reconnected with the his roots and the Original African People. Reggie is on a journey of continual self improvement. He believes that this is a constant journey that he is happy to travel on. 



Film/Television Career 


-The House of Reggie Web Series(7 Seasons)


-T.H.O.R vs The Army of Darkness(Short Film)


-T.H.O.R vs The Purge(Short Film)


-Legacy vs The World(Short Film)


-T.H.O.R vs The World Corporation(Short Film)


-T.H.O.R vs Death Land(Short Film)



-Lost & Found(Short Film)


-T.H.O.R Tv Show Season 1


-T.H.O.R vs The Unknowns(Film)


-T.H.O.R Tv Show Season 2


-The Rise of Legacy(Film)


-T.H.O.R Tv Show Season 3


-T.H.O.R v Killer Clown(Film)

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