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First Look at #whoisreggiehaynes Texas.UK.Africa. The Upcoming Documentary

It has been 9 years since Reggie Haynes released his first documentary titled “WhoisReggieHaynes” which touched on his upbringing and dark days revolving around his past and present. The series lasted 20+ Episodes but this new series is said to be 10 Episodes long.

Reggie poses during photo shoot in Africa.

What We Know So Far

   The last documentary seemed as if it was revolving around the life of Reggie but in the end we found out that it was dedicated to his grandmother Regina Townsley, who passed away in 2015. This time around the documentary is said to revolve around the past 9 years of Reggie’s journey as he traveled from Texas(America) to the UK and on to Africa. Reggie has stated in numerous blogs that he will not negatively “Name Drop” anyone as “They aren’t worth it and there is no need for divisiveness anymore”, but Reggie will however discuss his situations and how they have gave him a different outlook on life.

   The series is also set to premiere during the Summer of 2024 and if the documentary is successful more episodes will be released soon after. Each episode will be between 20 to 30 minutes long and will premiere on Network Page and sneak peeks and trailers will appear on the RHTV Network and The Real Reggie Haynes Instagram Page. The series is rated “MA” as we know that the show will have profanity.

Let’s Talk About The Sneak Peek #1

   In the sneak peek we see that Reggie isn’t a big supporter of many of the people he interacted with in Zimbabwe who he describes as “Weak, Inhuman, and Low”, but he has stated that the people may be good in other peoples lives and they do not define African people, Africa as a Whole, or Zimbabwe as a Whole. Reggie also stated how he had people in his life who degraded him as he had struggles during his journey to Africa and he decided never to include these people in his life again. We witness beautiful scenery in this sneak peek as we are notified that the location is Malawi.

   Reggie does use profanity in this clip but I personally feel that his anger towards everything that he mentions in this clip justifies his actions. I mean, this is a man who left America to be with his lover, that doesn’t work out as his ex girlfriend was said to have slandered his name along with his family publicly, Reggie is left alone in a country that he is still unfamiliar with after living there for two years, then he goes to Africa only to be mistreated, misused, abused, and blatantly hated by his own “people”, meanwhile his support back in the west makes him feel like a failure and then doesn’t take accountability for their actions. Reggie, if I could, I would give you the biggest hug right now because just from this one clip I can tell that you have been through HELL.

Screen Grab from the Sneak Peek of #Whoisreggiehaynes Texas.UK.Africa

Final Thoughts

   This documentary will show Reggie’s maturity and growth as we can tell from his blogs on Instagram(Follow him @therealreggiehaynes) as he takes accountability while still shedding light on the overall picture of each situation that he deals with. We also see the beauty in Africa and the people who have been an asset in Reggie’s life since his journey has begun. This series embarks on a man who loves his African people so much that he has decided to live there forever and help his people anyway that he can. The next sneak peek is set to release in a months time so be on the lookout and also be on the lookout for Reggie’s other shows set to premiere this year:

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