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Uncle Reggie: First Look

Uncle Reggie Tv Show: Teaser Trailer Below

Reggie Haynes has released the first trailer and sneak peek of a new show titled:

Uncle Reggie.

In this show Reggie plays a well known entertainer who comes back home to Malawi to become a father for the first time. This series is directed by Malawian Director Victoria Mangani and filmed by Alex CMP Gogoda, Bilal Chingwalu, Elvis(Elf-Wise), and Trust.

Arkangel(Left) & Stumai(Right) will play big roles in the Uncle Reggie Tv Show.

Let’s breakdown the trailer.

  • We first see a News Anchor played by Malawian Actor Inkosi Dezmond announcing that Reggie is returning home due to his sister being “Bed Ridden”.

  • We then see a young character being bullied who we learn in the sneak peek appears to be Reggie’s nephew played by First Time Actor Joshur Chiwaula.

  • Next we see Reggie dealing with the media as they seem to harass him. I assume that Reggie isn’t fond of the media in this series.

  • We then hear a woman’s voice who turns out to be Malawian Actress Gabriella Khangamwa, speaking to Reggie about choosing his family or his career. Who is Gabriella to Reggie in this series? Love interest maybe? I could assume so as Reggie is shown crying as he receives the message from this woman.

  • The Remaining Children: Prince Haaya & Stumai Kalimbuka are shown walking through the school hallway as if they are grieving about something. Prince, a Malawian Actor is said to have a huge role in this series as he portrays the oldest of the Four Children that Reggie is taking in. Stumai, the Malawian Actress also has a major role in this series. Arkangel Phiri, First Time Malawian Actress is said to be playing the role of the “Heart Warming” character. Arkangel was shown in the Uncle Reggie poster but not in the Teaser Trailer.

Prince poses for the camera during his photo shoot on the set of the Uncle Reggie Tv Show.

Sneak Peek: Breakdown

  • In this scene we see Reggie sitting next to his nephew(Joshur) as he speaks with the principal of the school which his nephew attends. The principal is played by Malawian Actor Robert Chikungwa. Reggie expresses how he is displeased with the way that the school handled this situation surrounding his nephew being bullied.

  • In this scene Reggie, Robert, and even Joshur did a brilliant job in this scene as they brought the emotional sense of acting into the story.

  • We must credit Alex, Elf-Wise, and Director Victoria as well for producing such a phenomenal scene as we see multiple shots from different angles as the seriousness and emotion was still in tact.

  • This scene touches on how many schools do not handle bullying well and as a parent, Reggie will “handle this himself”, which is something a lot of parents choose to do, whether it’s to place the child in Home School or teach their child how to defend themselves or another option which I’d rather not discuss.

Reggie and Joshur work on their boxing manoeuvres while on the set.

Notes: My Rating So Far - A

    I give this rating because this is the first of its kind in Malawi and possibly Africa where we see a man take in four youths who deal with bullying, peer pressure, career balance, parenting, and more. The characters are a perfect choice in my opinion as Prince portrays a man who was once in America with his uncle and now is back in a world where he hates and this leads him to stress and turn to the streets.Stumai plays the character of a shy individual who is said to have difficulties expressing her true talents. Joshur as we know deals with bullying, and this is a major issue that I personally can’t wait to see play out. Arkangel portrays the sweet and innocent character which every drama needs to balance things out.

     Director Victoria has put together quite a lot of great footage along with her team as the performances have shown to be brilliant thus far. The quality is good and we have to credit Trust, Bilal, Elf-Wise, and Alex. Acting wise we haven’t seen much from everyone but Dezmond, Robert, Joshur, and Gabriella played their roles brilliantly as we see the dramatic range of acting from them all.

    Reggie, who is also the creator of the show, showed us phenomenal emotional range during the sneak peek and trailer. He portrays a character that goes through so much from career balance and parenting for the first time in his life.

Left to Right: Joshur, Reggie, Arkangel, Stumai, & Prince.

Comments: Reggie

  • “Victoria and Alex were phenomenal to work with, people don’t realise how hard it is to direct, film, and act in the same day and guess what? Victoria, Elvis, and Alex did all of that I’m proud of them”, Reggie stated during a phone interview Sunday afternoon just a day after filming.

  • “I live Prince, his acting and talent is phenomenal and he is easy to work with. He also has helped me in a lot of ways outside of filming and I am grateful for him”, Reggie continues by saying, “Stumai, Joshur, and Arkangel are great to work with as they are easy to direct and fun to work with, these four youths are some of the best I’ve ever worked with”.


This show will capture different ranges of emotions and also it will enter-twine the languages of Chichewa(Malawian language) and English. This show is said to release its first episode in May 2024 on Rumble and Mibawa Tv so be on the lookout. Also catch sneak peeks and trailers online by following Reggie Haynes platforms.

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Alex CMP Gogoda

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Reggie is an amazing visionary and I can’t wait to see what else he comes out with!

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