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The House of Reggie’s Season 5: The Men are Back in Town

Legacy returns as shown in the T.H.O.R Season 5 poster

Reggie Haynes has been touring in Africa and it looks like he is ready to produce Season 5 of his television series titled: The House of Reggie’s Tv Show. The images posted on Reggie’s Instagram Page shows different images where we see Legacy(The superhero or superhuman) looking off into a distance as spaceships and portals hover over his realm. Other images show Comedic(Comedian), Reggie(Oldest Brother), and Legacy but the question remains, where is YR(The famous entertainer)?

Three of the Reggie Brothers look on at the mountains located in Legacy's Dimension

Last time we saw the four identical brothers YR was alive and well, but where is he now? We know that the “Big Bad Villain” Apacolypto is coming, did he murder YR? Or maybe it was the evil version of the Reggie Brothers named Kloon. Or maybe a new villain has emerged and taken YR.

Comedic, Legacy, and Reggie return for another adventure in T.H.O.R -Season 5

Only one way to find out and that is to await more updates from Reggie as he gets things moving for The House of Reggie’s Season 5.

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