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Mibawa Tv is T.H.O.R’s New Home: Reggie Haynes signs first deal in Africa

Reggie Haynes has been in Africa since May 2023 and has experienced one door slam after another when it pertains to trying to get his content signed on to Television Platforms based in Africa. Now he has found a home for his content. The House of Reggie’s Tv Show is said to premiere on a Malawian Television Network called Mibawa Tv and will start airing in a matter of months.

The House of Reggie’s Season 5 poster.

Credit: Aubrey, BP, Trust(T.H.O.R Pictures)

“I am extremely grateful for this phenomenal opportunity and I will not let my people down whether they are in Texas or in the Motherland”, Reggie exclaimed Thursday morning after the deal was finalised. Many would assume that with all that Reggie has gone through in 2023 he would have given up by now but he explains that he has too much to live for and despite his terrible last year he still won’t give up on his mission. “I’m not an idiot… I know people hate me and I don’t pay them any mind. I’m focused on the people and things helping me with progression and not degrading and that’s why I know great things are to come while working with Mibawa Tv”, a quote from Reggie.

The details of the deal that Reggie has signed are listed below:

  • The House of Reggie’s will air with Chichewa(Malawian Language) subtitles on a weekly basis until Reggie Haynes produces Season 5 of The House of Reggie’s Tv Show

  • The House of Reggie’s Tv Show Season 5 will be Co produced by Mibawa and RHTV in a matter of months

  • Reggie Haynes will produce his first Malawian Based Show titled Uncle Reggie starting next week

Reggie on the set of Showbiz & Lifestyle hosted by DT.

We asked Reggie what is the premise of his new Tv show titled Uncle Reggie and this was his response, “In this show I portray a famous entertainer who comes back to his roots in Malawi to adopt his sisters four children due to the fact that his sister has passed away”.

Reggie has a lot ahead of him in Africa as he is rumoured to be partnering with well known artist with music to finish his album titled I’m Done… With The Inhumane Race, a podcast featuring well known public figures, and the filming of T.H.O.R Season 5, T.H.O.R vs The New World, and Uncle Reggie will definitely keep him busy this year. Trailers and previews are said to be premiering on Reggie’s platforms soon and also be sure to check out Mibawa Tv if you are located in Africa to catch The House of Reggie’s Tv Show.

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